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Raw Apiculture made in Portugal

Raw honey

Straight from the hive: pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed


Taste the nectar.
net wt. 75g / 2.65 oz


small pot

A pocket bottle of honey.
net wt. 300g / 10 oz


medium pot

Honey for a couple.
net wt. 825g / 29 oz


big pot

Family size.
net wt. 1500g / 3.3 lb


Comb honey

Raw honeycomb immersed in honey. Honey in its original form

medium pot

Out of stock.
net wt. 825g / 29 oz


big pot

Out of stock.
net wt. 1500g / 3.3 lb



All natural and eco-friendly substitute for petroleum-based waxes

yellow small bar

Enough to pollish your boots.
net wt. 85g / 3 oz


yellow big bar

A nice chunk to wax your surf board.
net wt. 454g / 1 lb


brown small bar

Good for a few candles.
net wt. 85g / 3 oz


brown big bar

Traditional anti rusting for tool keeping.
net wt. 454g / 1 lb



A traditional medicine used for thousands of years

small bag

Natural bee medicine.
net wt. 20g / 0.7 oz


big bag

Raw material for your wound healing ointment.
net wt. 50g / 1.7 oz


small tincture

85% grain alcohol, 15% raw propolis
vol. 3mL / 60 drops


big tincture

85% grain alcohol, 15% raw propolis
vol. 30mL / 1 fl oz.


Bee bread

Pure flower protein, fermented by our bees. Bees' super food.
Now on SALE!

small baggie

Sample or gift size.
net wt. 75g / 2.5 oz.

€10.00 €6.00


Healthy couple's choice.
net wt. 175g / 6 oz.

€20.00 €12.00

big baggie

Family pack.
net wt. 400g / 14 oz.

€40.00 €24.00

Custom labelling

Raw apiculture supplies meets your brand

Our products end up everywhere from events, to conferences. Holiday gifts, wedding gifts, you name it. Portuguese artisanal products with your brand or customized labelling. Lid stickers, to booklets. All labelling may be personalized by request.

Drop us an email for further assistance.


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Eco-friendly packing material

DrApis repurposes materials such as old magazines and newspapers for cushioning. Reuses old bubble wraps, foams and other existing packaging material over new, biodegradable packing material to save natural resources.

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